OSM Awards 2020

Core Systems Award

For outstanding contributions to any of the core tools, systems, processes or resources. Not limited to systems under OSMF control. The Rails port, osm2pgsql, openstreetmap-carto, iD, JOSM, mapnik and any other tool that mappers use on a daily basis, knowingly or not, are eligible.

Innovation Award

For the best new service or approach. New tools for contributing data, image recognition, trace or OSM data analysis, new mapping approach or new perspective on old tools.

Influential Writing Award

For the best tutorial, documentation, blog or a blog post. A text or series of texts that attracted many new people to OSM, provided an interesting outlook on the project, or inspired the community to do better things.

Greatness in Mapping Award

For significant contributions to the map data, or exemplary mapping: micro-mapping, clean-up, mapping towns from scratch, proper imports.

Expanding the Community Award

For efforts in expanding the community. Not only geographically, but also in diversity, into humanitarian sector or government.

Team Archievement Award

For outstanding archievement in mapping, providing data or bringing the OpenStreetMap community together. Awarded to commercial companies, non-profits, government organizations and volunteer groups.

Ulf Möller Memorial Award

To individual contributors for making a difference to the OpenStreetMap project, through good mapping, benefit to the community and other improvements to the OSM. Any member who's been active at any time since 2004 is eligible for this award.