OSM Awards 2019

This year, we are again presenting the OpenStreetMap Awards! Seven nominees will receive an award in seven categories at the State of the Map 2019 conference. This is a community award: you decide who the nominees are, before you vote for them.

Call For Nominees: Suggest a person for any of the categories of the award. We only ask for three pieces of information: a name of one or two individuals, a project (what did they do to claim an award), and optionally an URL for any web page that describes the project. Teams, groups and companies, commercial or not, can compete only in the "Team" category. Eligible is everything that was announced after 2018-06-01. The call for nominees ends on the 15th of July.


Innovation Award

For the best new service or approach. New tools for contributing data, image recognition, trace or OSM data analysis, new mapping approach or new perspective on old tools.

RapiD is Facebook's fork of the iD editor. World needs more road coverage.
AI generated trace will aid the mappers to map more roads easily.
Adrien Pavie
Adrien hosts a tool which conflate some OSM objects (coming from Overpass or directly Osmose) to nearests Mapillary pictures.
Pic4Review allows contributors to fix errors or add missing information with user friendly interface and relevent options.

Users may setup their own quests with custom Overpass queries and options. Mappers then use the quest and review items as often as mapillary got completed around selected osm features.

This is a great add to available tools and improve data on even complex situations with clear directions on how to do so.