OSM Awards 2017

This year, we presented the OpenStreetMap Awards for the first time at the State of the Map 2016 conference! The community nominated and voted for five nominees for each of the six award categories.

Results: Here are results of the OSM Awards. The number of votes is printed inside square brackets, your vote is marked with an asterisk. Here is the raw list of votes if you want to run some analysis. Thanks to everyone who voted and congratulations to our winners and all the nominees! See you next year!

Core Systems Award

Mateusz Konieczny [60]
Major improvements to the openstreetmap-carto style (link)
Roland Olbricht [213]
Overpass API (link)
Bryan Housel [117]
iD lead developer, simple and friendly editor for mappers (link)
Sarah Hoffman (lonvia) [85]
Continued development and operations of Nominatim (link)
Grant Slater and Tom Hughes [180]
For keeping the system running (link)

Innovation Award

Manuel Roth and Lukas Martinelli [160]
OSM2VectorTiles (link)
American Red Cross [102]
Portable OpenStreetMap (POSM) (link)
Martijn van Exel [97]
New MapRoulette, its support, tutorials, quality and gamification (link)
MapSwipe Team [88]
MapSwipe, a mobile app for another level of crowdsourcing (link)
Yohan Boniface [153]
Continuing improvements of uMap, custom maps with OpenStreetMap layers, Leaflet plugins and Kosmtik CartoCSS editor (link)

Influential Writing Award

Harry Wood [46]
Inspiring blog posts about OSM and pub meetups (link)
Edil Queiroz De Araujo [37]
Great blog about OSM and Mapillary (link)
Joost Schouppe [44]
Great blog about mapping techniques and data analysis (link)
Nick Allen (Tallguy) [80]
LearnOSM: maintaining, improving, coordinating translation (link)
WeeklyOSM Team [377]
The WeeklyOSM blog, editorial work (link)

Greatness in Mapping Award

OSM Los Angeles Building Import Team [68]
Los Angeles Building Import (link)
Nelson A. de Oliveira (naoliv) [71]
Monitoring and doing QA in all Brazilian territory (link)
Martin Ždila [186]
Walking and mapping 1.4% of all OSM hiking routes world wide (or 38% of hiking routes within Slovakia) (link)
UK Quarterly Mapping Team [58]
United Kingdom quarterly mapping projects (link)
Ramani Huria Team [171]
Mapping an area of Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania, home to an estimated 3.5 million people (link)

Expanding the Community Award

Ahasanul Hoque and Tasauf A Baki Billah [67]
These two guys have been instrumental in creating and growing such a dynamic and committed OSM community in Bangladesh. Active in local mapping, HOT activations abroad and local humanitarian work (including training INGOs in the use of OSM), this community has gone from strength to strength under the leadership of Ahasan and Ribin (Tasauf's more commonly used nickname). They are dynamic, inclusive and inspiring. (link)
Pascal Neis [306]
Many maps for finding new mappers and interacting with other OSM members (link)
Pete Masters [109]
For being the heart & soul of the Missing Maps project, which has developed countless OSM activities, trainings and supporting many OSM communities all around the world (link)
Courtney Clark [48]
Whitehouse mapathon, and tireless work expanding the use of OSM in federal practice through OSM institutions (link)
Kathmandu Living Labs [75]
Map for everyone project: Building OSM community in Nepal (link)

Ulf Möller Memorial Award

Nick Allen (Tallguy) [89]
Taking the lead on LearnOSM - rewriting, updating tutorials and adding new tutorials and sections, spearheading the translation of LearnOSM into many more languages.Has been a principle tutor for the London Missing Maps Project since 2013 training new mappers in iD and JOSM every month. Added the 29th highest number of map changes out of 5,595 contributors for Missing Maps (2014-2015).
Harry Wood [48]
Good mapping, local group organisation, energetic advocacy and for helping both to develop HOT and to ensure it dovetails with the wider OSM community
Frederik Ramm [186]
Making the OSMF budget transparent, helping understand the project better in his mailing list responses, and writing a lot of useful scripts
Richard Fairhurst [80]
For being the voice of reason in OSM community, and for his many projects, like P1, P2 and tilemaker
Kate Chapman [173]
For co-founding the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) and bringing OSM to a significant portion of the developing world
Total number of people who voted: 768.