OSM Awards 2017

This year, we presented the OpenStreetMap Awards for the first time at the State of the Map 2017 conference! The community nominated and voted for nine nominees for each of the nine award categories.

Call For Nominees: Suggest a person, a group or an organization for an award. We only ask for three pieces of information: a name, a project (what did they do to claim an award), and optionally an URL for any web page that describes the project. Eligible is everything that was announced after 2016-08-01. The call for nominees ends on the 9th of July.

Core Systems Award

Innovation Award

Influential Writing Award

Greatness in Mapping Award

Expanding the Community Award

Improving the Latin America Award

Improving the Africa Award

Improving the Asia Award

Ulf Möller Memorial Award

Total number of people who voted: 0.