OSM Awards 2018

This year, we are again presenting the OpenStreetMap Awards! Nine nominees will receive an award in nine categories at the State of the Map 2018 conference. This is a community award: you decide who the nominees are, before you vote for them.

Call For Nominees: Suggest a person, a group or an organization for an award. We only ask for three pieces of information: a name, a project (what did they do to claim an award), and optionally an URL for any web page that describes the project. Eligible is everything that was announced after 2017-07-01. The call for nominees ends on the 31th of May.


Improving the Africa Award

For building the community and improving the map in African countries.

Mapeando Meu Bairro Mozambique
Mapeando Meu Bairro have over doubled the mapping community in Maputo Mozambique in the past year, mapping cultural heritage in Mafalala, and replicating some of the work of Ramani Huria in Tanzania through mapping drainage and urban vulnerability to flooding. Led by Remigio Chilaule, the community has gone from strength to strength in the face of significant barriers - particularly access to equipment and computer literacy. You can see some of their activity here: https://twitter.com/MapMeuBairro
OSM Niger
I'd like to nominate Samaila Alio and OSM Niger for their work growing the community in Niger over the past year. With the help of a HOT Microgrant, they have provided OSM training to 143 people, and improved gender balance in their community, mapping 177506 edits in OSM.
Crowd2Map Tanzania
Crowd2Map is a volunteer-run mapping project that unites over 2,000 remote mappers worldwide with over 600 community mappers on the ground in Tanzania. Their mission is to put rural Tanzania on the map! Since 2015, they have been adding schools, hospitals, roads, buildings and villages to OpenStreetMap. They have experiences and approaches that the wider OSM community should celebrate and learn from!